Shedding Fat By Elevating The Metabolism With Medication

There are thousands of weight loss diets over there. In fact, all magazines publish a “new” diet once or twice a week. However, there are slimming diets that have been around for a long time, and which have different theoretical reasons supporting them, and have been published in magazines, books and featured on TV shows. These diets are famous, and millions of individuals have tried them and succeeded with them. Let´s take a quick look at the three trendiest diets!

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The Dukan Diet. Formulated by Dr. Pierre Dukan, this trendy diet allows losing pounds in two phases, and maintaining the lost weight in two more phases. It is based in high consumption of proteins and low carbohydrates intake. One particularity of this diet is that it lists 100 foods which dieters can consume freely. There is more information out there about GC than ever, you should really read the post.

The Five Factors Diet. It was created by Harley Pasternak, a renown personal trainer of Hollywood celebrities. The program lasts 5 weeks, demands having 5 daily meals, with 5 different ingredients in each meal (which can be prepared in 5 minutes). For even better tips, here is a good resource. Taking 5 daily meals accelerates the metabolism, the 5 ingredients grant a proper nutrition (a low fat protein, a carb with low glycemic index, fibers, “good” fat and a sugar free beverage). It also requires to exercise 5 days a week, each routine with 5 exercises to be done in 5 minutes each.

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The Raw Food Diet. More than a diet plan, it is a lifestyle. It is based on the intake of raw food, unprocessed and preferably organic ingredients. Raw foods such as: vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds as well as soy milk, whole grains and algae are the base of this diet. In the case of having to cook the food, it uses different cooking methods that avoid high cooking temperatures (never over 104 F). A dehydrator is used to prepare certain foods.