Cheap Activities in Annecy
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What  are some cheap activities in Annecy City? Annecy is located in the south of France near Lyon. This beautiful city has a rich history and is known for its lively festivals throughout the year. The main attractions include museums, shops, restaurants, bars, clubs, parks, gardens, and other fun things to do.

There are plenty of great places to visit and enjoy delicious food at affordable prices in Annecy. In addition to exploring the city itself, visitors can also take advantage of the nearby ski resorts, hiking trails, and river cruises. There are also loads of outdoor cheap activities available during summertime.


Museums are one of the best ways to learn about history and culture on vacation in France. Some French cities offer free admission to their local museums. If you’re travelling with kids, make sure to check if there is any child-focused museum free or have a cheaper rate than normal.

Parks, Gardens, & Trails                                                                    Cheap Activities in Annecy

One of the most relaxing ways to spend your time in Annecy is by going for a walk around town or visiting a park. You will find lots of green spaces all over the city. Many of these parks feature playgrounds and sports courts too.

River Cruises

Enjoy a boat ride along the lake or the river in Annecy. Take a tour and see the sights from the water. Make sure to bring a picnic since many cafes and restaurants along the river sell inexpensive fare that tastes delicious!

Bike Rentals

Renting bicycles is another way to explore Annecy and it’s surrounding areas. Most tourists rent bicycles when they arrive in France because they need something smaller and easier to carry around. Don’t forget to use bike lanes when biking through the streets of Annecy.

Day Tours

You can get an overview of the city and see the sights within walking distance when taking day tours in France. See the famous Chateau de Chillon, Mont Blanc, Lake Geneva, Col de la Madone, and more. Book your day tours while you are still in your home country so you don’t pay high prices once you reach France.


Shopping is a bit expensive in France but there are still some souvenir stores worth checking out. You might be able to find nice accessories, clothing, and gifts for a lower price outside of Paris.


Drinking alcohol on vacation should be done responsibly, whether you’re drinking locally-made wine or craft beers or imported spirits abroad. Do not drink and drive, as consuming too much alcohol is dangerous. Bars may seem pricey compared to pubs back home, but they typically serve good drinks and food.


Hiking is probably the best sport/exercise you can try in a small city like Annecy. There are hundreds of miles of marked hiking paths nearby including several long-distance routes. Just make sure to pack your supplies, wear appropriate attire, and plan, and prepare for inclement weather.


Dining out in Europe costs less per person than ordering just about every other type of cuisine. Even fast food in France is relatively inexpensive. Try a bakery instead of a McDonald’s when you want cheap eats.

Local Cuisine

French food is very diverse which means that no matter where you go you can find unique flavours that taste delicious. Don’t miss out on trying a new regional dish or two.


Bars are usually the cheapest place to eat and drink after work hours. Check out the bars near where you live or book a table at a restaurant before you head out.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are great places to buy vintage clothes, antiques, collectables, and even fresh produce from regional vendors. Since people tend to save things in flea markets, you’ll easily find low-priced treasures.

Sight seeing Cheapest Way In France

If you only have time for one or two attractions in any destination, prioritize sightseeing the cheapest way in France. Attractions here are mostly centered around the medieval district with its picturesque alleys and charming squares. This one of the most fun and cheap activities in France.

Stay In Student Accommodation

Hostel life in France is both economical and enjoyable. For those travelling alone, living with students has a lot of advantages. Apartment rentals by students are common and cost less than hostels. Plus, students are always happy to help others and show their cities off. Hosteling International – France (HI-France) members also receive discounts in most student hotels across the country.

Visit In the Summer

Seasonal prices for accommodation, transportation, eating out, tours, and admission are generally lower during the summer months. Many French schools close on winter holidays so it can be difficult to plan trips then.

Go Out With Friends Or Family

It’s fun to explore cities with friends or family, especially if you rent bicycles together and split the bill for gas. Doing this will also help you create memories and share stories for years to come.

Final Thoughts.

There are plenty of cheap activities to do in  France. By using these tips above you should be able to get closer to experiencing the beauty of the country without busting your budget too badly.

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