Why You Should Visit The Beautiful Annecy in 2021

Why You Should Visit The Beautiful Annecy in 2021. There are so many tourist resorts that you can go to after winning real money from online casino gaming. Annecy is a beautiful Alpine town known as the “Venice of the Alps” because of the river and canal that run through its ancient town.  Therefore, Annecy is a popular all-year-round vacation resort with mountains and on the banks of a 27-square-kilometer lake of the same name. Additionally, staying in Annecy during the winter puts you minutes away from a variety of ski resorts. But there are so many more reasons why you will HAVE to visit this place.

The Best Hotels to Stay in Annecy
The beautiful Annecy

There is the Beautiful Annecy Georges Volland

The Place Georges Volland is on the west side of Beautiful Annecy Old Town. Also, this is an excellent place for first-time visitors to soak in the ambiance of the city. Before sitting down at the Café de la Place, pick up a box of chocolates from Philippe Rigollot’s pastry store. Also, observe passers-by with a surrounding of all the bright colors. These are typical ancient buildings of this Alpine area. Place Georges Volland will have crowds on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. This is when the market is held throughout the Old Town from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

There is the Beautiful Annecy Old Town

The beautiful Annecy Old Town takes you on a journey through time. It is on the banks of Lake Annecy and is traversed by the Thiou River and the Vassé Canal. Also, it comes with colorful Piedmontese-style houses and significant monuments such as the Palais de l’Île. Additionally, there is a 12th-century prison castle that is now a beautiful museum. The majority of the Old Town is pedestrianized due to the narrowness of the alleys. A variety of charming pubs, restaurants, and stores are hidden amid arcaded alleyways and alleyways.

There is a Castle!

Beautiful Annecy Castle is a French Historical Monument that today houses the Museum of Alpine Popular Art. It comes with a lake museum with an aquarium and temporary art exhibitions. The changing modern art exhibitions in such historic surroundings provide a lovely timeless atmosphere. Explore the castle’s chambers and passageways, and don’t miss the terrace. These provide a spectacular panoramic view of Annecy Old Town and the lake.

Gorges du Fier

The Gorges du Fier are a gorge formed by the rocky terrain by the Fier River and are only a 15-minute drive west of Annecy Old Town. It is one of the oldest tourist destinations in the Alps, with a suspended footbridge erected in 1869 that allows you to stroll in the tight canyon directly just above the river. The route is not difficult, and you can see and photograph giant’s kettles and la Mer des Rochers (the Sea of Rocks), which is made up of rocks of all sizes and forms. To truly appreciate this trip, bring sturdy walking shoes and go early in the morning.

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