Where to Shop in France
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Public transit and taxis are readily available, and most locations are walkable unless they have been made pedestrian only (and some were). Keep in mind to pack a map because the network of little alleys makes it simple to become lost.Have you ever wondered where exactly you should shop in France? What are the main shopping areas in the country? Which stores offer good quality at affordable prices?

France has become one of the favourite destinations for tourists from around the globe. The country offers visitors amazing food, culture and history. If you want to enjoy Paris or visit other beautiful cities such as Lyon, Avignon or Annecy , this guide will provide you with the information you need.

This city guide will introduce you to the main shopping districts in France, including Le Marais, Passage des Panoramas and Place du Tertre. These places are home to the most fashionable boutiques, designer shops and art galleries. They also contain some of the best restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs.

Shop in the Marais – Faubourg Saint-Martin

The neighborhood is filled with fine antiques and art dealers, high fashion stores, French design brands, jewellery boutiques and more. There’s even a branch of the prestigious Fauchon department store, no doubt about it is the place to go for gastronomic delicacies like foie gras.

Going window shopping in Rue de Rivoli                                                                                   Where to Shop in France

Rue de Rivoli is known as a famous shopping street, especially because of its luxury brands and high-end shops. However, many small independent shops sell artsy things, clothing, souvenirs and gifts.

Shop in Place Vendome

In 1763, Louis XV gave his official permission to build a market where the shopkeepers could display their goods. The building was designed according to the principles of neoclassical architecture and is mainly composed of marble and granite. It’s always crowded but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, head over to nearby rues Monbazillac and Croizette.

Le Marais

One of the oldest and most attractive areas of Paris, it is located east of the centre and its many narrow streets hide a myriad of interesting sights- synagogues, churches, museums… Le Marais is also well known for its association with writers like Balzac, Proust and Baudelaire. It is now the place where you can find many high street brands outlets and shopping malls.

Passage des Panoramas

This area lies at the entrance of the famous Louvre museum. Here you will find a wide choice of trendy shops, cafés, wine bars and fine dining restaurants. There is even a small ice rink here called Les Halles.

Place du Tertre

Located right in the centre of the old town, on one side of the river Sorgue and the opposite bank, near St Germain de Prés church and Notre Dame de Lorette chapel. Place du Tertre is quite close to the tourist office and the main train station. You should take your time walking through the Place which is very picturesque and full of life.

Le Bon Marché

Founded over 130 years ago, today’s biggest department store group in France is headquartered in the 11th arrondissement. I recommend going there when you want to shop for something special! Not only do they sell clothing but also furnishings, accessories, kitchenware or even furniture. Don’t forget to try their delicious chocolates displayed in the window! Bon Marché is open from 9 am to 8 pm Monday until Saturday and Sunday 10 am-8 pm.

Café Flore

Nowhere else than in the 6e Arrondissement of Paris could you experience so much atmosphere, ambience and glamour. Café Flore (founded in 1807), was once a meeting point for artists and writers, especially because of the view of Montmartre from this café. Today, it remains a true cultural landmark while still retaining all of its original characteristics, with its beautiful wrought iron balcony, mosaic floors and intimate interior. If you want to feel like you have stepped back into another century, do not miss out on this opportunity.

Fashion District

The fashion district is located just west of Boulevard Haussmann, between Rue Cambon and Rue Auber. With more than 300 stores, fashionistas from all around the world come here to browse new trends.

Shopping mall

At the eastern end of Rue Saint Sulpice stands the recently renovated Galeries Lafayette with its magnificent glass structure.

Antique market

If you are looking for antiques then Antiquaires de la Reine is an ideal place to start.

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is a cabaret that was founded in 1889 by August Diamant-Beranger. Its fame spread quickly and attracted even French royalty who frequented the venue.

BVH department store

Furthermore ,BVH is one the best-known name among European department stores. Founded in 1901, BVH has grown to become Europe’s leading retailer. It offers home furnishing products, beauty care categories, clothing, food and household appliances.

The Bottom Line.

Shopping in France isn’t just about visiting major cities.  And don’t forget your bargaining skills. Public transit and taxis are readily available, and most locations are walkable unless they have been made pedestrian only (and some were). Keep in mind to pack a map because the network of little alleys makes it simple to become lost.